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How to install Bind on almalinux

How to install Bind on almalinux?

The abbreviation BIND stands for Berkeley Internet Name Domain and is the most used DNS (Domain Name System) program on the Internet. It enables users to publish their DNS information on the web and resolve DNS queries.

An Introduction to AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux is an open-source, community-driven project that is designed to fill the gap left by the stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).. It delivers RHEL’s enterprise-level security and stability as a binary-compatible derivative.

Why Use Bind on AlmaLinux

Advantages of Bind

DNS service provided by Bind is reliable, scalable, and secure. It is a top option for DNS implementation because to its complete capabilities, which include DNSSEC, TSIG, dynamic updates, and more.

AlmaLinux: A Perfect Choice for Bind

You may install Bind on a reliable and secure environment thanks to AlmaLinux’s interoperability with RHEL. Additionally, it is cost-effective for many enterprises since it is free.

Pre-Installation Steps

System Requirements

Verify that your system satisfies the prerequisites: AlmaLinux 8, requires a minimum of 2GB of disc space and 1GB of RAM.

Updating Your System

Always start with a system that has been upgraded. The following command  may be used to update AlmaLinux:

sudo dnf update -y

Setting up Required Tools

Use The following command to install required utilities such as “wget” and “net-tools” before installing Bind:

dnf install wget net-tools -y

install Bind on almalinuxHow to Install Bind on AlmaLinux

Installation Process

Installing Bind Package

You can install the Bind package using this command:

dnf install bind bind-utils -y

install Bind on almalinuxConfiguring Bind

Edit the named.conf file located in the /etc/named.conf directory to customize Bind after installation.

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install Bind on almalinux

Post-Installation Steps

Starting and Enabling Bind Service

Use the following two commands to start and enable the Bind service once it has been setup:

sudo systemctl start named
sudo systemctl enable named

install Bind on almalinuxVerifying the Installation

Using this command, you may determine if the Bind service is active:

sudo systemctl status named

install Bind on almalinuxCommon Troubleshooting Tips

If you have problems installing, make sure your system is up to date, that you have the necessary access rights, and that your firewall isn’t blocking the service.

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When you properly follow the following instructions, installing Bind on AlmaLinux is a simple procedure. AlmaLinux offers a reliable framework for setting up a safe and reliable DNS service using Bind.


AlmaLinux offers stability and security, which, when combined with the robustness of Bind, provides an efficient DNS solution.

Install Bind on AlmaLinux by first updating your system, installing necessary tools, then install and configure the Bind package.

Use sudo systemctl status named to verify if the Bind service is running

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