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RDP Admin

$ 19
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Linux VPS

$ 13
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Windows VPS

$ 15
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Mikrotik VPS

$ 13
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What is VPS?

VPS gives you control and flexibility whenever your business needs it.
VPS (Virtual Private Server), divides a physical server into various multiple virtual servers, each with its own set of resources. In 2023, it’s a reasonable price for what amounts to a dedicated server for businesses. We offer affordable Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans with full root access and regular backups from over twenty data centers. Our team of experts is available around the clock if you have questions.

Hosting applications and websites has never been easier for companies and individuals
The optimal answer for organizations and individuals seeking a secure, low-cost platform to host their websites and applications. We can set our Virtual Private Servers up in no time. With us, you can expect lightning-fast speeds, top-notch security, and help whenever needed. Use our services, and you’ll quickly see why VPS hosting is your best option.

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Key Benefits of Our VPS Hosting

Safe to use
Modifiable to Any Extent
We can tailor your VPS to your specific needs, regardless of your technical expertise. Get root access to your server, select an OS (Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian), and decide to install a control panel (cPanel).

Superior Safety
Your virtual hosting environment is safe with us since we use cutting-edge hardware, software firewalls, and an internal security package. Regular server backups allow you to rest easy, knowing your data is safe.

Compared to the storage speeds of competing VPS providers’ suggested Hard Disk Drives (HDD), our Solid State Drive (SSD) is 20 times quicker. Your website’s performance, speed, and loading times will drastically increase.

Always-On, Real-Time Support
You can contact us at any time of day or night with questions, to learn more about our various virtual private server options, or to discuss increasing the level of VPS management for your server.

Worldwide Data Centers
We at Wilivm have capabilities for storing data in many locations. Our goal is to provide you and your users with a consistently high-quality experience across all your hosted websites, regardless of their physical location. For the best possible load times and user experiences, choose a data center that is geographically close to your intended audience.
Managing Your Website With Ease
Our primary goal is to ensure your online success. That’s why our specialized control panel makes managing your website a breeze. The maintenance of virtual servers is crucial, and we fully grasp this as a VPS hosting service. You can monitor your resources and make modifications instantly using the live dashboard in our control panel.

Comprehensive Scalability
Wilivm VPS services cover everything you’ll need to launch a successful online venture. They are highly adaptable, allowing seamless scaling as your web projects expand. For example, you do not have to reserve hardware resources in advance like you would with a dedicated server. Whenever you need them, you can add more resources to your virtual server through the Wilivm Control Panel, and those resources will instantly be available. Virtual private server infrastructure aids this method of controlling costs, only requires payment for the resources used.

Primary Use Cases of VPS

With full virtualization and unlimited data transfer, our virtual private server can serve many purposes:

Powering your online store with a virtual private server is a cheap way to guarantee visitor performance and enhance SEO if you know how to work with root servers.

Passionate about creating websites? Students of computer science, or anyone else interested in learning how to build web applications, will find Linux VPS an ideal learning environment.

Small Businesses
A virtual server can help your small business in many ways, like making it safer, letting you host more domains, and making page loads faster.

Test Web Applications

Use a virtual private server (VPS) to try out your latest and greatest online app.

Suppose you’re more technically savvy or just prefer complete control over WordPress. In that case, our VPS can be easily customized to meet your requirements. You’ll have more leeway and control over configuration options with the help of a virtual private server.

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Why Wilivm VPS?

You get the power of expensive dedicated servers at a more reasonable price. A lot of money going toward dedicated servers? You can host your website, manage a hosting company, and more on one of our virtual private servers.

We guarantee your personal safety and privacy
At Wilivm, we understand how important it is for you to feel secure while browsing the web, and we will always fight for your right to privacy and consumer protections online. We prioritize the continued availability of a bug-free, secure, and ad-free Internet for everyone.

Better Online Experience
Your company will benefit significantly from acquiring premium VPS services in your industry at reasonable prices. Our services will enhance your time spent online.

Customer Service 24/7/365!
As previously mentioned, you can count on our support team for any and all help you require. It’s not a bot; it’s a real person, ready to assist you anytime, day or night.


We can set up virtual private servers in many ways, and there is no "one size fits all" solution. Your hosting requirements and specifications will determine the best option. Are you a video buff with a ton of clips? To provide the surfing experience, your users expect, you’ll need more disk space and RAM. Dealing with a lot of money lately? Your client’s personal data and information must be protected at all costs.

Our virtual private server hosting gives you complete control over the configuration of your server.Without worrying about administering a physical server, a virtual private server (VPS) allows you to set it up with the software and tools of your choice.

An average VPS installation takes less than 20 minutes. However, the installation process can take more time for more significant projects, such as an OS with many memory requirements.

All information stored on a customer’s VPS server belongs to the customer. Your data is totally safe with us, and we will never share or sell your data to third parties. Your information on the VPS server is yours and yours alone.

You are absolutely free to post whatever you choose, so long as it doesn’t break any local or international laws.

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