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Windows VPS Server Pricing

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$ 15
  • RAM 1024MB
  • CPU 1 Core Intel Xeon
  • Storage 30GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 1TB


$ 26
  • RAM 2048MB
  • CPU 2 Core Intel Xeon
  • Storage 40GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 2TB


$ 48
  • RAM 4096MB
  • CPU 3 Core Intel Xeon
  • Storage 60GB SSD
  • Bandwith 4TB


$ 86
  • RAM 8192MB
  • CPU 4Core Intel Xeon
  • Storage 80GB SSD
  • Bandwith 4TB

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What is Windows VPS?

These days, most people use Windows because using it is simple. We can use windows for sophisticated endeavors like website or application creation and hosting. To what extent is this beneficial? Using Windows is simple enough that anyone can do it. For all these reasons and more, take advantage of Wilivm Windows VPS offer. When you purchase Windows VPS from Wilivm, have no worries because you are getting a VPS designed with cutting-edge technology that is highly secure and won’t break the bank.

Windows Virtual Private Servers What Are They?
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) or cloud server is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward hosting alternatives, since it gives you an isolated portion of a physical server. “VPS” refers to a “virtual private server.” Your domain is effectively isolated when hosted on a private server in the cloud. To avoid interference from other users on a shared server, cloud VPS hosting plans give you a large enough portion of the server for your purposes. In addition, you have access to many enhancements, including ample storage space on an SSD VPS, sufficient amounts of RAM guaranteeing increased speed and adaptability, and many more. Windows VPS enables organizations and individuals to host their websites on Windows servers.

What is windows vps

The Advantages of Windows VPS

Here are a few of the advantages you’ll gain by switching to Windows VPS hosting:

Speed beyond imagination
Cloud VPS offers many advantages, and speed is one of them, as anyone who has used one of our plans can attest. Unlike shared hosting, your domain will function without interruption on a dedicated server. The server resources (CPU time, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space) are not shared with other sites or businesses. If you couple that velocity with Windows applications, you’ll be unstoppable.

Because VPS Windows is so cheap, it’s a simple decision for startups to choose a plan to meet their server requirements. Wilivm offers unbeatable value without sacrificing quality with its Windows server VPS hosting. Comparatively, the price is much lower than that of a dedicated server, but the quality is identical.

Other users do not use the resources of your plan
Suppose you’ve had to share a server with other e-commerce websites, some of which could be your competitors. In that case, you understand how difficult it can be to manage low RAM and bandwidth. Over time, the more people who share your content, the less effective your website will be.

Professional security measures
When you use a cloud VPS, your software is now completely separate from any other software or data on the server. This makes your domain safer.

A higher degree of administrative control
Because your hosting plan is separate from any other user or the general server manager, you have full administrative access to the server’s resources. As with a dedicated server, you have complete control over your environment. After we’ve handled the hosting administration, you can do whatever you want. After we’ve helped you set up Wilivm, you’ll have complete administrative control.

Upgrades are simple
The ability to easily update your domain and server is one of the best features of cloud/VPS hosting. You’ll likely want to upgrade certain aspects of your hosting package as your business and website expand. Hosting platforms built on Windows make this a breeze.

Simple to use
A Windows-based virtual server in the cloud is intuitive. You may use it in the same way as a remote desktop and find your way around it easily. If you are unhappy with the work we have done for you, we will refund your payment.

Why Wilivm Windows VPS?

Adjustable Server
Our Windows VPS plans are versatile enough to adapt to the changing demands of your organization and may be scaled as your needs grow. We can add resources at any moment using the Admin Panel; thus, there’s no need to pre-provision them. You’ll be able to keep your spending under wraps and save money.

Given that you are the server’s administrator, you can set up your dedicated server as you choose. We can configure a Windows vps in this way to operate as a website or email server. Our Wilivm VPS options provide a server setup tailored to your web-based endeavors.

The primary advantage of our VPS is the independence it provides. It’s up to you to choose and install the OS that best suits your needs.

Unlimited Access
You can send and receive as much data as possible with your Windows VPS. Choose a model with up to 4 TB per second of data transfer capacity. These requirements are ideal for hosting high-traffic websites and applications, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for consumers.

The uptime of your services is crucial, especially for frequently visited pages and programs. We host your VPS on a system with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and low latency. In this manner, your solutions can have faith in a solid foundation.
You can reach your full potential with Wilivm Windows VPS performance. Tackle every challenge with this unbeatable next-gen technology at your disposal.
If you’re looking for a VPS hosting service, consider Wilivm. Reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in finding the ideal solution.


Because every company has unique requirements, no “optimal” plan can be recommended. Because of this, we provide a wide range of customizable options to ensure a perfect fit for your specific needs. You can adjust the size of your operation whenever you choose, and our team is always here to help.

Your cheap Windows VPS can be used for anything, from code testing and development to cloud storage and website or VPN hosting to even hosting games, so long as your customizations don’t violate our TOS.

We’re talking milliseconds here! We will activate as soon your Windows VPS as we confirm your payment. Your Windows VPS login details will be sent to you in an automated email.

The OS makes the primary distinction between these two. A Windows VPS and a Linux VPS are both available, respectively. Our VPS services are identical in every other way except for the operating systems they run on.

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