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What Is MikroTik VPS

What Is MikroTik VPS?

When installed on dedicated Router BOARD hardware or common x86-based computers, MikroTik VPS is a Linux-based operating system that transforms the devices into effective network routers with the ability to add and remove various ports. It supports features like a Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider and client, Dynamic Routing Protocol, hotspots, broadband service quality control system, access point feature, and other features in wireless networks. The MikroTik operating system offers a wide range of capabilities.   Now that you’re probably curious about MikroTik RouterOS and its features, we must clarify that it is an operating system built on the Linux kernel that can be installed and maintained on a conventional computer and a server in an entirely stable manner. This operating system has special features, including VPN, Firewall, QoS, Hotspot, and Wireless. Winbox software is required to operate this operating system because it provides a graphical user interface. If you’re curious about MikroTik’s features and applications, read this article until the end.

MikroTik VPS server

A MikroTik server refers to a server that utilizes virtualization with the MikroTik RouterOS operating system rather than Windows and Linux, for example. At the same time, the Linux kernel-based MikroTik operating system is a router. Due to the superior performance and greater success of the MikroTik Routers OS in virtual services, MikroTik servers are the best and most popular services with the features they provide. Most network pros that need a router or firewall opt for MikroTik servers. Without the need to log in or launch any services, MikroTik operates as a fast and robust router with automated functioning. Additionally, the stability of the MikroTik servers is another factor that draws users and network experts to the MikroTik server, which is typically used as a router. As discussed in this section, in addition to local access, the MikroTik server can also be configured for access through Telnet and SSH, an internal Web server, and Winbox.

MikroTik VPS server applications

The popularity of the MikroTik server is growing daily due to its effectiveness. Although purchasing a MikroTik virtual server is mostly done so that you may use it as a router, some businesses and organizations also use them to set up virtual private networks or to boost security by using them as firewalls. By acquiring a MikroTik virtual server, many people also intend to implement a tunneling system or create a secure connection between two sites within their workplace.

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Applications that are exclusive to the MikroTik server and not available through other operating systems. In addition to the uses we already mentioned, MikroTik VPS also allows you to use Torch tools to manage network connections and trace root tools for troubleshooting. Use network discovery, identify the IPs that intend to attack your VPS and limit access, route the network for troubleshooting, connect one server to another, create a load balance, and transfer information through the MikroTik VPS in the network. The utilization of MikroTik VPS will be further discussed in the following sections so that you can comprehend why it is so well-liked and widely utilized.

MikroTik server : Routing

One of the excellent and potent features of the MikroTik VPS in the network is the router. The router is a method for choosing the best route in both internal and external networks, and it is a crucial component of how data is transmitted over a network. Utilizing a MikroTik VPS as a router is one of its many useful applications. An essential service the MikroTik server offers is communication between network offices and branches. Many customers are searching for the simplest way to resolve the need to divide a network into multiple networks if you have one or more workplaces. The MikroTik server offers the option of setting up a VPN for secure communication between branches in addition to being an effective way to divide the network into multiple networks. Additionally, it can put access limitations in place when branches use shared resources like cameras, printers, applications, and file sharing.

There is no need to fear because MikroTik VPS supports every sort of routing, including interface routing, virtual transport routing, static routing, policy-based routing, ECMP routing, dynamic routing protocol, and bidirectional transport detection.

MikroTik server : Firewall

The security and communication applications of MikroTik VPS are another application. A firewall is one of the most important network security components that guards against unauthorized access to computer systems and networks. It can control the sending and receiving of specific types of information. Protection against unauthorized access means that only certain hosts are permitted to access TCP ports, and MikroTik Firewall allows monitoring connections to the router’s specific address. A firewall allows you to manage all internet data and prevent illegal access by establishing particular rules. As a result, you may secure your clients’ hosting from malicious assaults by using MikroTik server protection.

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The firewall on the MikroTik server performs crucial functions such as filtering, internal connection, routing, packet marking, blocklisting, source and destination identification, support for IPv6, information tracking (RAW) bypass, and the potential to restrict incoming ports and network output. Controlling and limiting external connections can be accomplished by limiting and altering crucial ports, such as remote desktop ports and other frequently used network ports. For instance, you may check the condition of your cameras using a mobile device and by connecting to the Internet when you publish a camera on the network and change its port. Additionally, users can connect via the Internet to network resources, including cameras, file servers, printers, programs running on the network, etc.

The ability of the MikroTik Firewall

The ability of the MikroTik Firewall to conceal connections from private addresses makes creating a secure connection more crucial. Additionally, it keeps track of every client network connection and gives thorough statistics and reports on every link’s traffic. In order to guarantee that more crucial connections are made, the MikroTik Firewall also provides the option of prioritizing traffic and labels the packets with priority. As a result of this work, an effortless flow is offered in the network, preventing bandwidth shortages. Therefore, MikroTik VPS facilities and professional settings can be used by network managers to separate and manage a group of users, IP range, etc., based on the destination, source, program type, port, etc. Network managers control and manage user consumption and divide the use of each system or user.

Network administrators have access to various internet subscriptions via MikroTik VPS, which they can assign or share with their users following their network requirements.

Proxy server

Implementing and setting up a proxy server using MikroTik Server is possible. A proxy server serves as an interface between a user inside a network and the Internet. A few benefits of the proxy server are security, storage services, management monitoring, and user control within the network. The proxy server’s cache stores the users of the website have visited, so when another user wants to access the most popular websites, the requested page is rapidly delivered to the user. Because of this, the Proxy server works well to improve user response times and lower your internet usage. Additionally, because of the router interface’s function in this scenario, you may create more thorough reports and implement stricter limitations on how to access websites. The MikroTik VPS may now take advantage of capabilities like a storage list, support for storage on a separate disk, an access control list, SOCKS protocol support, an HTTP cache, and a DNS proxy server, in addition to the items we have already covered.

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As a result, having the option to set up a proxy server will benefit you, and the MikroTik server makes this feasible.


There are several ways to send data securely over a private network, with a wireless radio platform being one of the most crucial and popular options. This technology transfers data between two or more sites using radio waves. Numerous MikroTik routers also offer wireless technology, allowing you to connect your wireless devices without using an access point in addition to specific wireless routers. In the MikroTik VPS, wireless features like wireless client roaming, manual control lists, the NV2 protocol, access points, and the wireless distribution system all play significant roles.


Numerous applications are available on the MikroTik VPS, including routing, firewalling, wireless clients, proxies, VPNs, private networks, network address translation, user management, dynamic host configuration protocol, MPLS, load balancing, QoS, connection hosting, packet compression, backup and recovery, authentication, identity, and more. Through MikroTik, you can keep an eye on your internet usage in real time and put the necessary controls if necessary. Additionally, MikroTik has a DHCP server that may assign the desired IP address to connected users. The excellent features and capabilities of the MikroTik VPS can satisfy various purposes. However, alternative operating systems might not be able to complete some tasks as effectively as MikroTik. The server’s performance for your purpose and needs will force you to choose between several types of servers. Therefore, MikroTik server use cases can help you select your ideal server.

Choosing MikroTik VPS is a wise move if just one of the things we stated is what you’re after. We hope you are familiar with the MikroTik server Use cases and can make the best decision for your requirements.

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